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For only A$15 (approx. £7.70 / US$9.60 / €8.70) per month you can watch a 1000+ films from the Artfilms Collection. 

Take advantage of our special offer and try it for HALF PRICE for the first month! 

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EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTIONS: We have special offers for universities, schools and public libraries.

Schools and secondary education

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Universities and tertiary Institutions

Students and academic staff: if you believe your institution is already a subscriber to Artfilms, please log into your institution’s network using your access credentials provided by your institution, then re-try your access to  If you don’t have access credentials to the your institution’s network, please contact your library.

Found in academic libraries internationally, our films are used for coursework, teaching, reference, inspiration and research. Artfilms-Digital is now hosting this unique collection online and offering it for educational streaming. Subscriptions are available for individual titles or large modules such as "Theatre" or Digital Arts, New Media" or for Access to the entire Artfilms Collection

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