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Artfilms is a small boutique company providing online resources for arts education. The stakeholders of our company are artists, art organisations and indie filmmakers. We appreciate your interest and happy to share with you our films we are passionate about. 

This subscription option is for individuals to watch art films in a non-educational, non-commercial private setting. If you are associated with education or any institute which use film screenings  it is important that you read our Terms of Use about license specifications.

The contract you enter is ongoing but you can terminate it at any time.  


Step 1 First you need to accept and agree in the Terms of Use
Step 2 You need to setup an automatic direct debit with PayPal. You don’t need to have an account with PayPal to do that. The process is easy, takes a couple of minutes. You can cancel the contract at any time if you have watched enough films or if your circumstances have changed. 
Step 3 You will receive a login and password confirmation and that's all you need to watch films!

We will guide you through. 

Please note: Currently we are streaming around 1800 films for art education. Not all of these videos are available for private subscription. We continuously grow your collection. Sign up to our mailing list to receive information about new films.