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Zen Zen Zo: Zeitgeist

Year: 2019, 75 mins
Code: MLA-Zeitgeist

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Zeitgeist is a collection of raw and provocative Butoh inspired dance-theatre pieces that reflect "the spirit (Geist) of our times (Zeit)". The aim in Zeitgeist is to explore how we as human beings are meeting ourselves, ourselves, each other, and the earth at this time of human history. The nine dancers weave together the big issues of our age- spiritual apathy, terrorism, global warming- with universal themes, archetypes and myth. It is an apocalyptic vision of our future, realised through the male storm of 21 Butoh bodies on stage.

N.B: Contains partial nudity in line with the Butoh aesthetic.

ZEN ZEN ZO PHYSICAL THEATRE, founded in 1992, is one of the leading providers of professional in-schools workshops, residencies, and educational resources in Australia.

ZEN MOTION is the media division of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, which aims to educate and inspire an emerging generation of arts leaders and practitioners by exposing students to world theatre practices through innovative DVDs and classroom materials.


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