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Zanzibar Films - Serge Bard: Détruisez-Vous

Year: 1968, 87 mins
Code: RV-ZanziDetru

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Detruisez-vous (with it’s implacable subtitle The Silent Gun) was shot between March and April 1968. The title - A film shot in April 1968 - is written on a piece of cardboard, with well-deserved pride: Bard was one of the few at the time to exhibit such clairvoyance. (...) Detruisez-vous is, moreover, a ‘primitive’ film which breaks all the rules of film-making. It’s the first Zanzibar film (and predates the very naming of the movement), an attempt to make a film which defies the rules of production, the production line of commerce.

Détruisez-vous 1968 35mm 55 mins.
Bonus Détruisez-vous 2005 video 17 mins.

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