Yiddish Blues - screener

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Yiddish Blues

Year: 2010, 78 mins
Code: AP-Yiddish
ISBN: 978-1-921895-33-3

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What is Klezmer music? It is a Central European tradition, a Jew-Yiddish-Gypsy musical amalgamation born in the early years of the twentieth century.

Is it a living musical culture? To some extent, yes. But…it is also being revitalized.

BKB (Budapest Klezmer Band) is a unique band. Except for the Jewish leader of the band (Ferenc Javori born as Fegya Jakubovits in Carpatian Ukraine) all the band members are Christians.

As Fegya says: "If you want to play Klezmer perfectly, you dont have to be a Jew – you have to be a perfect musician.”  And they are superb.

Yiddish Blues is an emotionally charged story told through images and original music.
Created by esteemed Hungarian director Andras Peterffy and Erno Nagy.

Ferenc Jávori, is a Kossuth Prize-winning Hungarian musician, composer, performer and worthy artist.

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