Woyzeck - in English - screener

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Woyzeck - in English

Year: 2010, 92 mins
Code: FAN-Woyzeck
ISBN: 978-1-921882-06-7

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Produced by Francis Annan and Xaverian College, Manchester, this feature-length production is the world’s first English language version of Georg Buchner’s stage-play, Woyzeck (1837).
The first screening was at the 20th Century Fox Studios, Soho, London in August 2010.
The film combines the talents of director, Francis Annan, a professional crew and a cast of Drama students from Xaverian Sixth Form College. This is the second production by Xaverian’s Drama department to be adopted by Contemporary Arts Media. The Women of Troy, made in 2005, went on to win an international film award and to sell worldwide.

Woyzeck portrays the central character’s downward spiral into madness and the need for revenge. The poor soldier, Woyzeck, imagines dark forces beneath the earth and faces real exploitation by his Captain and experimentation by the local doctor. When he discovers that his mistress, Marie, has betrayed him with the arrogant Drum-Major, his fragile world collapses.

This production fuses location shots, open-plan studio scenes and film-studio sets to capture the aberrations of Woyzeck’s mind, the spare reality of his life and the episodic structure of the plot. There is a marked Brechtian influence to the direction, particularly in the Showman and tavern scenes.

One of the unique features of the film, created at and cast from the drama department at Xaverian Sixth Form College in Manchester, is that all of the principle cast are consequently 17 years of age or under.

Condensed Cast and Crew:
Franz Woyzeck:  Nathan Crossan-Smith
Drum Major:  Damien Hughes
Doctor:  Yasmin Marciniak
Co-writer: Rob Faulkner
Co-writer:  Wynn Moran
Dir. of Photography:  Andrew James Litt
Director:  Francis Annan

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