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When I Dance

Year: 2016, 67 mins
Code: DL-When

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Four dancers from Israel, Spain and Italy decide to take part in a cultural project and investigate the stories of some refugees from Pakistan living in camps outside Berlin.
A reflection about the possibility of the body to tell stories, deleting social and ethnic distinctions, and connecting people from different groups.

The project focuses on the work of the dancers who decided to take part in the performance “Connecting Fingers” that had its premiere in Berlin at the English Theatre in June,2015. The show shares stories from some refugees who live or have lived in camps outside Berlin. The refugees were interviewed about their personal lives, and they shared private anecdotes and political situations they experienced.

Director/Producer: Daniela Lucato
Cast: Nicola Campanelli, Ana Cotoré, Maia Pik, Roberta Ricci, Alessio Trevisani, Asif
Gillani, Adeel Ahmed, Imran Ishraf, Mohsin, Ail Taha,Liat Benattis,
Cameraman: Jacopo Pantaleoni, Vlad Margulis, Simone Trotta, Ian Wood
Colorist: Felix Trolldenier
Editor: Daniela Lucato
Music: David Travers
Sound Mix: Samuele Dessí/Kolloagency

Choreographer Assistant: Alessio Trevisani
Cultural Mediator: Katrin Janetzki Activist: Adeel Ahmed
Activist: Asif Gillani

Daniela Lucato started studying theatre in Padua (Italy) parallel to her studies at the
university. After her degree in Philosophy with an anthropological thesis on contemporary dance, she moved to Rome, Wellington and finally Berlin where she currently works as an actress for films/shorts/theater performances. In 2013 she wrote and directed the theatre piece “Call Me Reality” that participated to several theater festivals. The Birthday (2014), her first short film that she wrote and directed in mandarin/english language, has been officially selected from 22 international festivals (among these Micgenero, Frameline, ShanghaiPride where the film was also nominated for the best cinematography). Connecting Fingers (2015) is her last dance-theatre production. When I dance (2016) is her first Feature documentary.

Competition -Social World Film Festival- July 2016
Competition Inshadow Dance Film Festival/Voarte- November 2016
Competition Rollout Dance Film Festival -December 2016
Competition- Dhaka International Film Festival -January 2017
Competition- David di Donatello Prizes- April 2017

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