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Wayne Stuart - Stuart&Sons Pianos

Year: 2010, 21 mins
Code: EX-Mus11

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Wayne Stuart - Artistic director, Stuart&Sons pianos

Wayne Stuart's love of the piano and his interests in technical and mechanical structures, culminated in a clear vision from a young age - to become a piano maker. Stuart studied piano technology at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and undertook postgraduate studies in both Japan and Europe with leading piano manufacturers.

In 1983 Stuart developed and implemented a national training course for piano technicians at The North Melbourne Institute of Technical and Further Education. Over the following decade Stuart pursued detailed research and development which led to the building of the upright and concert grand prototypes. The piano project was re-located to the University of Newcastle in 1995 and was run as a research and development initiative of the University's Faculty of Music.

Since 2001 the company has traded under Piano Australia Pty Ltd and is a partnership between Albert Investments Pty Ltd and Stuart and Sons Terra Australis Pty Ltd. This unique arrangement has inspired and enabled the construction of over 50 large grand pianos, the most pianos ever handcrafted by an individual Australian maker.

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