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Voodoo Macbeth

Year: 2012, 55 mins
Code: OF-Voodoo

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Voodoo Macbeth is a two part performance based on Jacqui Carroll’s inversion of Shakespeare’s classic.

In this Shakespeare horror show, Jacqui Carroll has turned the original play inside out. This version is a brightly coloured flashback conducted as a voodoo ritual.

Somewhere on a plantation in Haiti, in the dead of night, six slaves begin a voodoo ceremony in revenge for the cruel treatment of the day. Their masters, The Macbeths, are asleep and unaware. In a reversal of daily authority the slaves summon the dark powers of the night and the Macbeth’s souls are called to answer for their wicked deeds. Instead of being the protagonists, the Macbeths’ are Zombies, conscious, but with no free will, and the famous speeches are used as incantations to enforce psychic pain on their corrupted consciences.

Track 1 is the shortened play proper, and Track 2 adds the visual aids of subtitles and commentary on the action.

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