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Visual Effect Library for Multimedia Performance

Length: 62 mins - NTSC/PAL
Code: NJ-Mult

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These multimedia pieces are originally designed for productions which used full screen projection as backdrop and/or frontal projection on the bodies of the performers. They are powerful tools in theatre, dance and music performances. Collecting volumes of Visual Effect Library has great advantages for professional performers as well as educators. It allows low cost set for performances, provides visual tools for experimenting with multimedia, serves as inspiration for students in media studies, can turn any ordinary performance into a cutting edge visual feast.

1. Tools - images of industrial, mechanical tools were digitally manipulated
2. Sustainability - forest, water…nature's images
3. Claustrophobia - machines and threads 

Designed and produced by Nancy Jones, film maker and visual artist.  Available on DVD format in original length and design, or in digital format suitable for video editing. (The producers can also make a tape to your specifications with images arranged in any order of your choice.) 

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