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Contemporary Short Documentaries and Experimental Films from Austria

Year: 2009, 247 mins - PAL
Code: IN-VisPt1

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This compilation offers an opportunity for a substantial view of Austrian experimental and documentary film´s varied status quo. The works range from subjective to rigidly structural documentary approaches, from abstract music videos and conceptual architectural studies to elaborate computer animations. The amount of formal innovation manifested in all these films and videos is outstanding.

Part 1 – Short Documentaries

- Marina Und Sascha, Kohleschiffer (Ivette Locker, 2008)
- Frauentag (Johannes Holzhausen, 2008)
- Eines Tages, Nachts… (Johannes Holzhausen, 2008)
- Phaidon – Verlage im Exil (Klub Zwei, 2007)

Part 2 – Experimental Films

- La Petite Illusion (Michaela Schwentner, 2006)
- NightStill (Elke Groen, 2007)
- Minot, North Dakota (Angelika Brudniak and Cynthia Madansky, 2008)
- In The Mix (Jan Machacek, 2008)
- Night Sweat (Siegfried A. Fruhauf, 2007)
- Paths Of G (Dietmar Offenhuber, 2006)
- Borgate (Lotte Schreiber, 2008)
- Not Still (Billy Roisz, 2008)
- Aquarena (Josef Dabernig and Isabella Hollauf, 2007)
- Cityscapes (Michaela Grill and Martin Siewert, 2007)
- 43 (Dextro, 2008)
- (Martin Bruch and Reinhilde Condin, 2008)
- Visibility Of Interim (Manuel Knapp, 2007)
- Evolverevolve 01 (Barbara Doser, 2008)

Original versions with English and German subtitles.

Ivette Löcker, Johannes Holzhausen, Maria Arlamovsky, Simone Bader and Jo Schmeiser , Michaela Schwentner, Elke Groen, Angelika Brudniak, Cynthia Madansky, Jan Machacek, Siegfried A. Fruhauf, Dietmar Offenhuber, Lotte Schreiber, Billy Roisz, Josef Dabernig, Isabella Hollauf, Michaela Grill, Martin Siewert, Dextro, Martin Bruch, Reinhilde Condin, Manuel Knapp, Barbara Doser.

"A number of the works have enjoyed success at international festivals, in this way helping to ensure that Austrian film culture´s innovativeness is not exhausted through tunnel vision, that it remains open to visionary ideas."
Bert Rebhandl - "Der Standard" - April 29, 2009

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