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Virgil Widrich Short Films

by Virgil Widrich

Year: 2016, 53 mins
Code: RV-WidrichPt4

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TX TRANSFORM 1998, 5’, color, stereo

COPY SHOP 2001, 12’, b/w, stereo

FAST FILM 2003, 12’, color, stereo

MAKE/REAL 2010, 5’, color, stereo

WARNING TRIANGLE 2011, 6’, color, stereo

BACK TRACK 2015, 7’, b/w, stereo

VIENNA TABLE TRIP 2016, 2’, color, stereo




Probably the single most startling new discovery was 12-minutes short [Copy Shop] by young Austrian director Virgil Widrich. The film consists of 18.000 photocopied frames, making it neither strictly live action nor animation, and the blurry black-and-white makes it look like a lost Murnau film.
-The Guardian

A kiss, a happy couple. But then, the woman is kidnapped, and the man sets off to save her. A dramatic rescue story full of wild chase scenes begins. The audience is taken to the center of the Earth and the enemy’s headquarters. On its surface, Fast Film tells a simple story. The catch is that all its scenes were taken from 300 different works produced in the course of film history. This tour de force through film history, from its silent beginnings to present- day Hollywood, lasts just 14 minutes: truly a fast film which could hardly be more furious.
-Peter Tscherkassky

[In Back Track] Virgil Widrich compiles film excerpts from the 1950s and 1960s and translates the resulting remix of images through multiple projections on mirror and canvas constructions into a hand- built three-dimensionality. The visual levels collide (physically), and dream and reality superimpose and dissolve: an audiovisual hall of mirrors in ragingly beautiful black-and-white.
-Sebastian Höglinger, Diagonal

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