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Velazquez, the Painter of Painters

Year: 1991, 56 mins
Code: AH-Velazquez
ISBN: 978-3-939873-04-4

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Like no other, Diego Velázquez inspired generations of European artists. His life and work are closely bound to the court of King Philip IV, who appointed him as court painter and on whose orders he travelled through Italy. Ambitious courtier that he was, the Spaniard was a master of observation and visual manipulation. Didier Baussy-Oulianoff showcases his epoch-making portraits and genre paintings that reveal Velázquez’s virtuosity in treating light, colour and sensuous characterisation. He also lifts Velázquez’s secret of painting that helped him become the “painter of painters”.

Director: Didier Baussy-Oulianoff

"Ein beeindruckender Maler, der zu Farb- und Lichterscheinungen gelangte, die in seiner Zeit vollkommen neu waren und erst im späteren 19. Jahrhundert von den Impressionisten wieder aufgegriffen wurden. Eine gelungene Dokumentation.", 14.04.2010 

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