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Valie Export - 3 Experimental Short Films

VALIE EXPORT - 3 Experimental Short Films

Year: 1984, 36 mins
Code: IN-ExpPt3Syntag
ISBN: 9780393326154

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Austrian artist VALIE EXPORT has been an influential and provocative figure on the international art scene for over three decades. Her practice includes film, video, photography, text and performance. Initially expanding the Actionist project to confront a complex feminist critique of the social and political body, her works achieve a compelling fusion of the visceral and the conceptual.
(Electronic Arts Intermix)

....Remote.....Remote..... 1973, 10 min,
Mann & Frau & Animal 1970-73, 9 min,
Syntagma 1984, 17 min

Warning: the films may contain disturbing images and sexual references.

VALIE EXPORT, born (1940) in Austria Studied at the School of Arts and Crafts in Linz. Graduated from a polytechnic high school as a designer. 1991-95 professor at the College of Arts in Berlin teaching design with visual media (both analogue and digital). 1994-95 vice president of the College of Arts in Berlin. Until 1994 professorship at the University of Wisconsin for film and video. Fiction films, avant-garde films, video tapes, expanded cinema, video installations, computer work, persona performances, body-material interaction, photography, installations, sculptures, objects, Gobelins (tapestry) and drawings as well as publications on contemporary art history. 1955-58 first photographic self-portraits. Since 1968 participation in international film festivals. 1970 published in collaboration with Peter Weibel Wien - Bildkompendium Wiener Aktionismus und Film (Vienna - Image Compendium of Viennese Actionism and Film), as a result of this was sentenced to a month's of conditional imprisonment for the spreading of pornography. In 1977 her film Unsichtbare Gegner (Invisible Adversaries) was nominated by the jury for the Österreichische Staatspreis Austrian state award), but Minister Sinowatz vetoed the nomination. 1978 and 1981 produced two records with Monsti Wiener, Wahre Freundschaft (True Friendship) and Bananen (Bananas). Since 1980 Valie Export Film Productions in Vienna. Conception and organization of international art exhibitions and film programs. Professor at the School of Media in Cologne Founding member of the Austria Filmmakers Cooperative (1968) and of Film Women International (UNESCO) together with Susan Sontag, Mai Zetterling, Agnes Varda, et al; founding member of the Assembly of Authors in Graz (1971), foreign member of the American Cinematheque, Los Angeles (1985).

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