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Year: 2019, 103 mins
Code: DFW-Transkids

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Noam, 16, was born as a girl to a religious family in a settlement in Samariah and studied at an all-girl religious school; Ofri, 16, always was the cool girl who played soccer with the boys, but inside he always knew he was a boy. Romy, 16, was born as a boy to a secular family but as soon as she started playing with dolls, her parents signed her up to a religious school. Liron, 17, grew up hiding behind different costumes, including a phase of heavy makeup, and shiny dresses, before he was ready to face his true self.

‘Transkids’ is the result of four years of intimate and deep documentation of four teenagers and their families, shedding a brand new light on the personal and social impacts and implications of youth gender re-assigning - a subject which has been and still is controversial and delicate world wide, and even more so in Israel.

The film sheds light on the personal and social effects of youth gender reassignment in present-day Israel. It examines the challenges faced by adolescents and their families during the complex yet delicate process of gender transitioning, which entails many fateful and irreversible courses of action. Adolescence years are commonly, and naturally charged. The gender transformation is not the only challenge in these teenagers lives; common issues, events, and dilemmas that apply to most teenagers are always in the background.

‘Transkids’ follows four Israeli teenagers who go through transition in a militaristic society in which teenagers go to the army right after highschool, and religion plays a very strong role in people's identity and is not separated from the state.

We follow the four protagonists as they deal with typical teen drama through the lens of transgender youth. We examine how each family deals with the dilemmas and difficulties of adolescence when adding the significant and challenging aspect of gender dysphoria.

Director: Hilla Medalia

Producers: Ronny Merdinger, Hilla Medalia
Editors: Miri Laufer, Erez Laufer
Director of Photography: Avner Shahaf

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