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This Not That: The Artist John Baldessari

Year: 2009, 100 mins
Code: AH-BaldPt1

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John Baldessari is one of the pioneers of conceptual art, which revolutionized contemporary art in the 1960s, and is still a profound influence on young artists today. The film shows John Baldessari in all aspects of his work: as an artist in his studio, with the technicians he collaborates with, as a teacher interacting with his students, as a passionate observer of the contemporary scene and visiting the Biennale in Venice as well as the Basel Art Fair.

This film provides us with insights into the work of a radically modern-thinking artist and sharpens our perception of the often inaccessible world of contemporary art.

Bonus Material:
You Call That Art?  Allan Kaprow visits John Baldessari (1973)
Interviews  Dave Hickey, Mike Kelley, Thomas McEvilley, Ed Ruscha, Coosje ban Bruggen, Lawrence Weiner, Ealan Wingate

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