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theEye: Tony Hill

Year: 2008, 26 mins
Code: ILL-EYHill

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Tony Hill's films present entirely new ways of looking at the world in which we live. His extraordinary sculptural films turn and transform, squeeze and stretch the landscape and constantly challenge how we see what's around us. They are films about perception, time and space but they are also films about the body and memory and being alive. Above all, they are constantly surprising and delightful and, often, funny.

Many of the films have been created with specifically built camera rigs, and a selection of these is demonstrated in this richly illustrated interview with the artist. Among the works that Tony Hill discusses are Downside Up (1984) with its constantly orbiting viewpoint; Water Work (1987), which was shot on and just below the surface of a swimming pool; the sensual film Laws of Nature (1997); and the artist's idiosyncratic portrait of Darlington Hall Estate in Devon, Camera Obscura (2000).

Born in London in 1946, Tony Hill studied Architecture and Sculpture and makes experimental short films that are somewhere between sculpture and cinema. He has been working as an independent film-maker since 1973, usually taking on all aspects of production and often developing and building his own equipment. He also works with installations, photography and sound. He has presented his work at many Art Galleries and in Film Festivals worldwide. His films have been broadcast on network television in many countries and have won several awards. They have been published in the UK and Japan. His commercial work includes directing music videos and TV commercials. He taught film and video from 1982 until 2002 at the University of Derby becoming Professor of Film, taught filmmaking at Plymouth College of Art from 2004 until 2011 and is currently an Associate Lecturer at the University of Plymouth.

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