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theEye: Lisa Milroy

Year: 2003, 26 mins
Code: ILL-EYMil

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Lisa Milroy’s paintings are pleasurable and provocative, clear but complex, immediate and yet richly subtle. In 2001 many of her major works were brought together for an important exhibition at Tate Liverpool; this film, the first about her work, was made alongside that show. 

Her earliest works are depictions of everyday objects: shoes in serried ranks, collections of lightbulbs and household hardware. Later canvases explore the process of depicting images of people, blank facades of buildings, clichés of photographic landscapes. More recent work is looser and less apparently realist. 

Speaking about the development of her art from the early 1980s onwards, Lisa Milroy discusses how she uses the sensual and descriptive power of paint to express her unique ways of looking at the world. She reflects on the changes in her work; on the impact of Japan and its culture; on photography and time; and on the craft and process of painting.

Lisa Milroy is an Anglo-Canadian artist known for her still life paintings of everyday objects placed in lines or patterns. She has also produced a number of different series including landscapes, buildings, portraits and geishas in incongruous settings.

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