Theatre Makers: Shock Therapy Productions - screener

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Theatre Makers: Shock Therapy Productions

Directors at Work

Year: 2021, 20 mins
Code: MLA-Makers1

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Ever wondered how directors bring their vision to life?

Theatre Makers: Directors at Work is a four part docu-series that follows innovative theatre directors and their process in devising theatre.

From interviews, working with actors on the floor in both workshops and rehearsals, to the polished scene, see how these contemporary directors bring their work to life.

Each episode focuses on a specific director, and explores their personal philosophies, methodologies and approaches to theatre making. Includes practical exercises for immediate application in the classroom or rehearsal room.

Shock Therapy Productions from Brisbane aims to establish itself as a leading company in the delivery of high quality, relevant, multidisciplinary performance and a leader in the Arts and Culture Sector on the Gold Coast as well as nationally and internationally.

Over the past 3 years Shock Therapy Productions have become an industry leader in the delivery of Theatre in Education and currently has 3 productions, The Stones, The Apology and Viral that tour Queensland Secondary schools year-round. The company have also taught hundreds of workshops in schools since their formation and have built a reputation as highly experienced workshop facilitators. 

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Practitioners: Drew der Kinderen (Medea: The River Runs Backwards), Shock Therapy's Sam Foster & Hayden Jones (Undertow), Dr Lynne Bradley (The Tempest), Michael Futcher (The Drowning Bride) 

Shock Therapy Productions was founded in 2015 and is the result of a creative partnership between Sam Foster and Hayden Jones. 

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