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The Wheel

Year: 2017, 9 mins
Code: DL-Wheel

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The symbolic travel of a child passing into adulthood, told through dance, in a balance of imagination and dream.

The film is concerned with the loss of the childhood, the coming of age and the entrance
in the adult world.

A child faces this passage through two characters who symbolically represent the
world of children as an uncontaminated world that is destined to end.

I started studying acting in Italy during the University. After my degree in Philosophy with a thesis in cultural anthropology about contemporary dance, I moved to Rome, Wellington and Berlin where I am still living and working as an actress/performer for theatre/film.

Since 2013 I started to write/direct. Call Me Reality (2013) is my first theatre piece. In 2014 I wrote and directed The Birthday, a short film in mandarin/english language(23 Official selections/1 Nomination).

In 2015 I founded Connecting Fingers Company. My last works: Connecting Fingers (2015) , the feature documentary When I dance(2016), For the time being (2018). For the Theatre Dance: The Wheel Performance and short(2017), The Rebellious Body(2018), Sex in Translation (work in progress) and Trilogy(Work in progress).

I'm now writing the script of my first feature film Alice Still Has a Dream.

Director’s Statement

The Wheel was originally born as a theatre dance project in collaboration
with the philosopher Sara Fortuna.

Sara wrote the original script for theatre and at the time I met her, I wanted
to make a performance using dance and philosophy.

I have read Sara’s script and I found it really visionary and full of inspirations.
At the beginning I thought it was complicated to realize The Wheel in a theatre
because it had a complicated scenography and it would have been impossible
to bring the project alive without a large budget.

The title of The Wheel was connected with a symbolic object in the script but
also with a real element in the scenography (and just one of the numerous
ones because the piece deals a lot with architecture as well) which was
supposed to be the wheel for the cables of the underground in the last century,
a beautiful and really heavy object with whom the dancers had to interact
during the play. I read the script three times and then I called her and I said “We should work
together because I found your script amazing but we can’t put on stage all the
objects you had in mind: we will find a way for the spectator to imagine them.”

We laughed about it and then we started to work.

We brought on stage the first part of the work (Chapter 1) in April 2017 at the English
Theatre Berlin and we are now looking for grants to finish the other two chapters. At the
same time I thought we could tell the story of the first chapter in a short film.

The short includes both the dancers and a child, who creates and brings the dancers to life
with his imagination, projecting himself into them.

We shot the part with the dancers in Germany in the stunning location of Malzfabrik and
the part with the child in Ireland, for the suggestive landscapes and the beautiful colors.

Daniela Lucato

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