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The Third Space

Body, Voice and Imagination - from the Voice Theatre Lab

Year: 2013, 90 mins
Code: RL-Third
ISBN: 978-1-922007-55-1

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1/ The film is a compilation of exercises that consolidate body, voice and imagination which have grown and developed since the Voice Theatre Lab inception in 2006. They have been refined through thorough extensive research, practice and exploration.

The company began as a training ground for the creation of new body and voice training methods inspired by a range of Eastern and Western performance training aesthetics. The training, which focuses on body and voice integration and separation, continues to grow and develop. Although the work has been inspired by various training methods, it does not claim to be a variant of any other voice and movement practice.

The Chordwainers, a musical group who use leather instruments created by the late Garry Greenwood, form a backdrop to some of the exercises. As well as the exercises, the film includes interviews and discussions by company members and a gallery of previous productions.

2/ PDF A comprehensive booklet that details the exercises, plus other useful information, accompanies the film in a printable PDF format.

Dr Robert Lewis is a graduate of the National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), University of Tasmania, Monash University and RMIT. He is a performer, voice teacher, director and Lecturer and Theatre Sub-Dean at the University of Tasmania. He is the director of the Voice Theatre Lab, a performance group focusing on physio-vocal practice and research. Some of the productions include ‘Dr Faustus’, ‘5’, 'Iam Nocte' (published on DVD, distributed through Artfilms), ‘Tetractys', ‘The Oedipus Project’, 'Two Houses' and 'Profuge'.

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