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The Theatre du Mouvement in Africa

Year: 1990, 26 mins
Code: TDM-Africa

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Black Masks and White Masks
8 mins, 1986 
A rare documentary where the Black Mask (object and dancer), sacred protector of the Bété Land (Ivory Coast) meets the White Masks – namely Claire Heggen and Yves Marc’s characters from their performance of “The Mutants” - who improvise in the ritual circle. This unique event, usually forbidden in the African mask tradition, took director Georges Courrège nine years to organise. Celebrated filmmaker Jean Rouch praised the film enthusiastically, inviting it to be screened at the Festival of Ethnographic Film in Paris, where in won second prize, generating much controversy and debate. 

18 mins, 1990
 In 1983, the Theatre du Mouvement created "En ce temps là ils passaient", a scenic performance in which strange characters, half-human, half-columns of stone, strolled about the stage, inhabited by animals. This strange spectacle fascinated Georges Courrège, inspiring the creation of Tezirzek.
He revives these characters in the heart of the desert. A fiction composed of unusual and disturbing images filmed far from the beaten track in the natural and breathtaking location of the Ténéré desert in Niger.


Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seen in sixty countries. Expert and entertaining, their work has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre.


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