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The Sydney Front: Waltz

Year: 1987, 67 mins
Code: CGR-Waltz
ISBN: 978-1-922007-30-8

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A single row of audience members around the edge of a performance space. A curtain sometimes running across it cutting the space (and the audience’s view) in two

‘WALTZ is a frenzied meditation on theatrical obsession.
WALTZ is a bound performer dragged naked to the footlights.
WALTZ is a phalanx of funereal evening dresses.
WALTZ is nine performers losing all composure in their harrowing struggle, with nine legendary theatrical heroines.
WALTZ is an evening of neurotic aspiration, epic posturing and operatic derangement. WALTZ contains scenes of serious bruising.
WALTZ is the pornography of performance’  - Press Release for Waltz, 1987

Built from a series of entrances and monologues chopped up from the Greek canon, this show began as a work about women and war but turned into a work about the diva performing the monologues. It was the beginning of a seven-year exploration of the unrecognised dynamics in the relationship between a hungry audience and the equally hungry diva.

Warning: Sydney Front's performances may contain corse language, adult themes and nudity. Suitable for 18+ years old.

The Sydney Front was an Australian performance group formed in 1986 particularly known for the way they used the audience as part of their productions. They combining elements of performance art and experimental theatre in their work.[1] The core of the group were performers John Baylis, Andrea Eloise, Clare Grant, Nigel Kellaway and Chris Ryan. Kellaway had been the first Australian to train with Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki.

“We called it a ballet” - Nigel Kellaway

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