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The Sydney Front: John Laws/Sade: a confession

Year: 1987, 67 mins
Code: CGR-John
ISBN: 978-1-922007-29-2

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John Laws/Sade:
a confession
Another new work by The Sydney Front

Earlier this year, The Sydney Front presented Waltz, in which a frenzied mob of displaced opera divas exposed the pornography of performance. But it was a merry pornography, a festive overture of histrionic suffering and flapping genitalia.

In John Laws/Sade the world is colder, the genitals sit tight. We are in densely occupied territory. The telephone rings, the radio is always on.

• a drowned hero emerges from the bathwater of history to strut and splash his hour upon the stage
• the orifices of the body turned upside-down in a series of intricate surrenders
• a City-to-Surf of Sadean excesses

The performers find themselves unsure of the boundaries of their own bodies. The world traverses them without obstacle. This is no longer the traditional obscenity of what is forbidden or repressed. Rather, it is the obscenity of the visible, of the all-too-visible, of the more-visible-than-the-visible. It is the obscenity of what no longer has any secret.

Please note that no member of the audience will be spat upon.
- Press Release for John laws/Sade, 1997

John Laws/Sade: against the background of the disembodied voice a visceral and sado-masochistic exchange between bodies makes voyeurs of its audience.

Sydney Front's performances may contain corse language, adult themes and nudity. Suitable for 18+ years old.

The Sydney Front was an Australian performance group formed in 1986 particularly known for the way they used the audience as part of their productions. They combining elements of performance art and experimental theatre in their work.[1] The core of the group were performers John Baylis, Andrea Eloise, Clare Grant, Nigel Kellaway and Chris Ryan. Kellaway had been the first Australian to train with Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki.

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