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The Sydney Front: First and Last Warning

Year: 1992, 65 mins
Code: CGR-First
ISBN: 978-1-922007-32-2

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‘The audience is divided. Those who can afford it are escorted to their private viewing area, to be served champagne and smoked salmon throughout the show. The rest risk the edges of the performance space, clad only in black lingerie.

So begins the latest work by The Sydney Front. First and Last Warning proposes a dangerous place of dominance and submission, of ominous sentiment and blessèd violence.’ - Press Release, First and Last Warning, 1992

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The Sydney Front was an Australian performance group formed in 1986 particularly known for the way they used the audience as part of their productions. They combining elements of performance art and experimental theatre in their work.[1] The core of the group were performers John Baylis, Andrea Eloise, Clare Grant, Nigel Kellaway and Chris Ryan. Kellaway had been the first Australian to train with Japanese director Tadashi Suzuki.

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