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The Stanislavski Century

Year: 1991-2013, 170 mins
Code: STV-StanislavP1

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Konstantin Stanislavski has been named alongside Freud and Einstein as one of the three greatest visionaries of the 20th Century. Stanislavski was the greatest actor of his age - founder of the celebrated Moscow Art Theater. He introduced the plays of Chekhov and Gorki to the world. He invented stage direction, laid the foundations of modern opera, and created the world’s first acting ‘System’.

This definitive film document tells Stanislavski’s story using unique personal archives never before seen outside Russia. The Stanislavski Century, is more than a gripping story... it is the turbulent history of Russia itself. During the dangerous build up to the first revolution of 1905, Stanislavski courageously reflected social issues on stage. His theatre was under constant surveillance by the Star’s secret police. After 1917, only Lenin’s personal protection saved Stanislavski from revolutionary zealots who wished to liquidate him along with the bourgeoise culture of the past.
In the propaganda war of 1930’s, Stalin personally orchestrated a world-wide Stanislavski Cult in order to prove soviet supremacy of world theatre. Stanislavski was a man of his time - an actor who became a lead player on the stage of history.

3 Parts

Director : Peter HERCOMBE

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