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The Open Theater - Terminal - Performance

Year: 1971, 28 mins
Code: CAT-Ope

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Performance of experimental theater pieces by the Open Theater Ensemble: Shami Chaikin, Tina Shepard, Jo-Ann Schmidman, Paul Zimet, Raymond Barry, Henry Smith. This group that prides itself on developing theater as a collaborative effort. The pieces, portions of the ensemble's current off-Broadway production "Terminal", were written by Susan Yankowitz, directed by Joseph Chaikin and Roberta Sklar, concern dying, death and after death.

Open Theater was an experimental theatre group active from 1963 to 1973. Founded in New York City by a group of former students of acting teacher Nola Chilton, and joined shortly thereafter by director Joseph Chaikin, formerly of The Living Theatre, and Peter Feldman. Megan Terry. Chaikin disbanded the Open Theater in 1973, amid fears that it was becoming too institutionalized.

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