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The Mutants

Le Theatre du Mouvement : Les Mutants

Year: 1975, 37 mins
Code: TDM-Mutants

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LES MUTANTS is the first professional collaboration between Claire Heggen and Yves Marc. Since its creation, it has obtained the Edinburgh Fringe Festival’s First Award and toured Africa, America, Asia and Europe. Claire Heggen and Yves Marc continued to perform the piece in its entirety until 1992, and still perform extracts to this day.

This performance, a standard reference in the repertoire of contemporary mime, is a fictional reinvention of the creation of man and woman from primordial chaos. Starting as an inseparable ball, they embody the poetic movement of various states, becoming animal, water, air, and finally, human. Through a “body score” of great accuracy, the two develop with virtuosity new registers of movement around one of their favourite themes: the animality of humans.


Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seenin sixty countries. Expert and entertaining, their work has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre.


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