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The Lost Temple of Java

Year: 1998, 50 mins
Code: SEV-Lost

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Borobudur in Central Java is unique. In the shape of a pyramid, with four square terraces leading to three circular ones, this extraordinary building is covered with 3 miles of carvings.

Situated on a lush palm-covered volcanic plain, this is a building that deserves the title of 'eighth wonder of the world'. Remarkably, this massive construction lay deserted and obscured by jungle for over 1000 years, only to be to be re-discovered by none other than famous Englishman Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles.

Following a recent complete renovation of its 1.6 million blocks of volcanic stone, many questions can only now be answered surrounding this enigmatic temple.

"The Lost Temple of Java might have been filmed by Bertolucci… Life and context is breathed into the remote edifice" - Observer

"Long, long ago, when Europe was still in the Dark Ages, the civilization which thrived on Java created a great Buddhist temple. The Lost Temple of Java , a BBC TimeWatch video by author and documentary filmmaker Phil Grabsky, is the story of this "8th Wonder of the World."

"This documentary answers many questions about what has now become one of the most popular tourist sites in Asia. Why was it built? What do the carvings tell, and what was their purpose? How was it constructed? And why was it abandoned? The film is full of beautiful images and is wonderfully put together, with plenty of footage of the temple itself as well as facts about the history and culture of Java and about the fascinating Raffles. For any fan of archaeology, history, or exotic places, this documentary will be a must-see."

- Rhetta Akamatsu, Blog Critics

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