The Lost Song of Little Nothings - screener

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The Lost Song of Little Nothings

Le Theatre du Mouvement : Le Chant Perdu des Petits Riens

Year: 2000, 61 mins
Code: TDM-Lost

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“The Lost Song of Little Nothings points out our foibles, those gestures beyond our conscious control, tics, amnesia. Our exclamations, sighs, onomatopoeia and lapses: in short, the behavioural quirks that humans act out without having a clear consciousness of. A performance between realism and abstraction, clones and clowns, the usual and the absurd, the normal and the pathological, the musical and the gestural.

A spectacle which unfolds like the turning of pages, constructed as a succession of fleeting windows looking onto the usually unexamined occurrences of daily life. A show that combines the precision of anthropology with the imperfectness of subjective observation.


Established in 1975 by its present artistic directors, Claire Heggen and Yves Marc, the Theatre du Mouvement has been seen in sixty countries. Expert and entertaining, their work has been a major influence in the development of contemporary mime and visual theatre.


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