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The Dinner Party

The lastest film by Paul Cox

Year: 2012, 60 mins
Code: PCO-Dinner

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A powerful documentary by Paul Cox, this film provides a unique insight into the lives of organ recipients, their time spent on waiting lists, their operations and the everyday realities of living with an organ from a deceased person.

As guests arrive we hear voice over by Paul Cox… "Almost a year ago on Christmas Day I was summoned to the Austin Hospital and received a transplant of the liver. I was given that great gift of life. Tonight I want to celebrate my donors' life and my miraculous survival. I have invited a few of my fellow recipients for Christmas Dinner. There are not that many of us. A fairly exclusive club I would say. None of us would have lived without the miracle of transplantation and we're very grateful to be alive. It seems easier now to be forgiving and kind, to be more generous and loving. But we find ourselves in a world that moves too fast, a world that doesn't even have the time to contemplate our gratitude. It's marvellous to slow down, to share a moment with people that feel and understand. The body heals but the mind doesn't heal that easily. How can one get used to miracles."

This raw and unguarded film communicates the incredible gift one gives when choosing to become an organ donor. Auteur filmmaker Paul Cox had a liver transplant on Boxing Day 2009 without which he would probably not be alive today. The documentary was shot at a Christmas Dinner Party on Saturday 18th December 2010 at which a small group of recipients gathered. Dinner guests share their stories, reminisce and celebrate the great gift of life given to them. The conversation is raw, unguarded and truly insightful.

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