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The Dance Works of Doris Humphrey Part 2: Ritmo Jondo, Day On Earth

Year: 1999, 43 mins
Code: PB-Rit

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RITMO JONDO: To tantalizing Spanish rhythms, a band of assertive men present themselves to a group of admiring women. They court them with sweeping abandon – and then leave them to attend to more urgent matters. With its swirling, cascading motions for the women and vibrating, thrusting steps and gestures for the men, this work sets up a counterpoint of masculinity and femininity.

DAY ON EARTH, Doris Humphrey's most popular dance, reaches into the heart of human experience: love, birth, loss, companionship, death, and continuation, and the meaning and solace of work. Within a spare dance form, a man, his first love, wife, and children tell the poetic story.

Performed by the José Limón Dance Company

Choreographed by Doris Humphrey

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