The Curiosities - Dance Films - screener

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The Curiosities - Dance Films

Year: 2011, 26 mins
Code: SH-Curiosfilms

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At the heart of this series is a curiosity for form. As a collection of works The Curiosities looks at the architecture of the human body - its intricate structure and evolution, and physical and emotional complexities.

Reading the Body
Installation, duration: 5 minute loop
A single screen / 2 channel installation that juxtaposes the poem Reading the Body, (by New Zealand Poet Laureate Jenny Bornholdt), and film (by Sue Healey). The installation offers a cinematic and spatial rendering of the poem, through choreographed movement and animation. What are the collaborative narrative possibilities between text and movement? How can poetry influence the ‘reading‘ of the movement language?
Exhibitions: Gesture: Performance | Film | Dance, ReelDance Installations #4 , IO Myers Studio, UNSW MIC Toi Rerehiko Auckland, New Zealand Oct-Dec 2010

Alma & Ena
video, duration: 5 mins
2 sisters. 2 variations, premiered in 2011.

Reading the Body
video, duration: 6.30 mins
A duet for dancer and animated anatomical imagery, based on a poem by Jenny Bornholdt (NZ Poet Laureate) Screened Manchester, Hong Kong, Tokyo, China, Germany, New Zealand 2010 Finalist Reeldance Australia/NZ competition 2010.

The Curiosities 14 mins

Sue Healey is a choreographer, educator and dance-film maker based in Sydney, Australia. Her creative manifesto speaks to the production of a highly-detailed movement language. Experimenting with form and perception, Healey creates dance for diverse spaces; theatres, specific sites and the camera. Her live works and films embody technical excellence and high production values, and employ the finest of dancers.
Associate artists Shona Erskine, Lisa Griffiths and Nalina Wait have been integral to Healey's work since 2002.

Works have been described as masterful in their handling of organic human stories, space and time through dance. Her films transcend the performance space, allowing a new focus and magic to enter; time lingers, even reverses, details are enlarged for intricate scrutiny, elements are introduced in an alchemic fashion, all using the genius of cinematography and an acute awareness of movement.
Sue Healey has established a reputation as a key figure in the development of choreography and has worked to build strong ties into the artistic and academic communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific. As her artistic statement reads:

"I create dance that acknowledges the potency of the human body to take us into the realm of the extraordinary. I believe dance to be vital human research and as a means to communicate across cultural boundaries. I am committed to creating a theatrical language that illuminates and transforms, revealing subtle layers of movement and perception.” – Sue Healey


Collaborating Artists in The Curiosities series:
Choreographer/film-maker/editor: Sue Healey
Performers: Lisa Griffiths, Rachelle Hickson, Nalina Wait, Adam Synnott, Kiruna Stamell, James Berlyn, Benjamin Hancock, Narelle Benjamin Composer: Darrin Verhagen Animator: Adnan Lalani

Digital Artist: Adam Synnott,  Lighting Designer: Joseph Mercurio,  Cinematographer: Judd Overton




„Sue Healey is a masterful filmmaker, choreographer and performance-maker...a lingering memory of shining bodies, of flesh made golden and luminescent...they dance the dynamics dreams of a species.” - RealTime Nov 2009 (The Curiosities)

“A rare gem… an intriguing exploration of the perplexing intricacies of the corporeal. The result was nothing less than an absorbing performance, intense yet delicate.” - Scarlet Wilcock, Tharunka, UNSW 2008.

“An intriguing, fascinating work with magnificent performances” - Lynne Lancaster, ArtsHub (

“A most fluent integration of dance, art and cinema…offers a revelation which only cinema could give us, as well as finely balanced beauty and an articulate and sensitive dance”. - Karen Pearlman, Realtime Issue 97, 2010.

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