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The Cult of Dionysus

Year: 2019, 79 mins
Code: MLA-Cult

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Based on Euripides' Greek classic, "The Bacchae", The Cult of Dionysus was the hit of the inaugural Brisbane Festival in 1996. First performed in Japan in 1994, this ground-breaking production was a part of the first wave of physical theatre works to be showcased in Australia.

Drawing on Japanese theatre styles and philosophies to capture the rawness of the Greek tragedies, The Cult of Dionysus tells the story of the fatal clash between King Pentheus and Dionysus using dramatic movement, spoken text, music and spectacular design. 

A pure example of the company’s philosophy and aesthetic, this performance demonstrates the ritualistic power of theatre by combining a striking visual and physical language with the powerful chorus work that Zen Zen Zo is famous for.

NB: Contains partial nudity in line with the Butoh-inspired aesthetic.

ZEN ZEN ZO PHYSICAL THEATRE, founded in 1992, is one of the leading providers of professional in-schools workshops, residencies, and educational resources in Australia.

ZEN MOTION is the media division of Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, which aims to educate and inspire an emerging generation of arts leaders and practitioners by exposing students to world theatre practices through innovative DVDs and classroom materials.


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