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The Computer Generation: Stan Vanderbeek

Year: 1972, 29 mins
Code: CAT-Comp

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Stan VanDerBeek, pioneering experimental filmmaker, is seen here at work with friend and computer expert Wade Shaw at the sophisticated "new" (1972) computer at the MIT Center for Advanced Visual Studies. His main thesis is the inevitable interaction of computers with artistic creativity. "What can an artist do with a machine?", he asks, "amplify the artist's thought. And at last the artist is in the electronic matrix, no longer confined to his studio."

This documentary was produced at a time when room-sized university computers were weekly revealing breakthroughs -- all of which are taken for granted today by even the simplest desktops. VanDerBeek felt this revolution was coming; on this program he conveys his passion for creating a generation that would be ready. The program includes excerpt from several of VanDerBeek's films. Colour

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