The Brasso Railway Station - screener

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The Brasso Railway Station

Dance and music at a railway junction in Transylvania

Year: 2010, 40 mins
Code: AP-Brasso
ISBN: 978-1-921882-01-2

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In the heart of present day Romania in the region of Transylvania apart from the ancient Hungarian inhabitants, Szekelys and Csangos, other ethnic groups like Saxons, Romanians, Gypsies and Jews have been living together for centuries. They are one another's minority.  They respect and tolerate the cultural differences and when they meet they proudly show their cultural diversity.

Brasso (Brasov) Railway Station is at a crossroads. Shabby trains come, stop and go, bringing together passengers of different origin, culture and language.  It is a place where people wait and talk in the smoky waiting rooms, eating, drinking and sleeping.  But sometimes it is a place for play and the people will sing, dance and play music.

This film is about the dance and music of this culturally rich area, a region which has drawn in generations of musicians and music ethnologists to do research and seek inspiration.

This film resides in the boundary between reality and performance; portrarying this cross cultural encounter through music and dance.

This is a rare and unique film presenting folklore in its original form and in its multicultural wealth. It is an invaluable resource and archival material for all library collections.

Dancers: Valaszut Folkdance Group, Ordasok Dance Group,

Musicians: Szaszcsavas Gipsy Band, Bacioui Fanfars,

Zurgo Band, Janos Zerkula (violin) Regina Fiko(gardon) Sound: Vince Kapcsos, Janos Gonda
Laszlo Heves, Scenic designer: Edit Zeke, Costumes: Agnes Gaug,
Peter Szalay, Camera: Peter Domotor, Attila Magyar, Erno Nagy, Peter Szalay, Gabor Varadi
Music director:
Zoltan Szantho
Director of Choreography:
Laszlo Dioszegi Producer / Director: Andras Peterffy

From an interview with Andras Peterffy:
Film is a magical instrument. Every filmmaker can tune its strings differently. And all players can perform their tunes in their own way. Some can conjure enchanting melodies, others harsh, painful songs or soft mourning odes or even happy whistles of a lark. Film is a magical material. Sometimes soft as clay or smooth as wool. But it can be stern as steel, cool as ice or graceful as a breeze.
The film you make is YOU YOURSELF. The way you create it should be characteristic of noone else but you. You as an individual are responsible for every single frame. Filmmaking is a moral act.

"What a grand idea: Transylvania celebrated, through song and dance, on the very spot where everything which belongs to that land all come together: the various people who built, cultivated and filled the place with life. The Soil, the Land, the Home Country. When film director Andras Peterffy along with several cameramen filmed The Railway Station of Brassow, he considered he was recording a "social dance”.  The director of choreography Laszlo Dioszegi called it a "happening”.
Social dance or happening – it is anything but conventional dance or theatre. The Brassow Railway Station is pleasingly dishevelled. The audience, with bottles of beer in hand, roam about, whilst friendly bumpkins offer homemade plumbrandy from plastic bottles to any newcomers, and they all migle with the performers who are wearing civil or folkart dresses. Sometimes only a strawhat or a headscarf distinguishes the dancers from the audience in blue-jeans and pullovers."

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