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The Art of Helen Chadwick

Year: 2004, 50 mins
Code: ILL-Chad
ISBN: 377571393X

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Until her unexpected death in 1996, Helen Chadwick was among the most sparkling, provocative and distinctive of artists. Her works, both gloriously sensual and rigorously intellectual, explore desire, sexuality and the body. She hoped that her art would provoke feelings that were "gorgeously repulsive, exquisitely fun, dangerously beautiful".

Produced alongside a major retrospective exhibition, organised by London's Barbican Art Gallery, this film provides a rare chance to experience Helen Chadwick's works. Important installations are featured like Ego Geometria Sum, which uses photographs of her own naked body, and the Baroque fantasy The Oval Court, as well as more controversial pieces, including Cacao, a fountain of hot bubbling chocolate, and the Piss Flowers, sculptures made by casting the holes left after urinating in snow.

Helen Chadwick's own words, from archive recordings, provide much of the film's context and explanation. These are complemented by contributions from the artist's friends and colleagues.

50 mins.

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