Tess de Quincey : NERVE 9 - screener

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Tess de Quincey : NERVE 9

Year: 2001/2013, 63 mins
Code: TDQ-Nerve

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De Quincey Co is one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring dance performance companies creating pioneering cross artform works of exceptional quality which push the boundaries of dance and the artists we work with, and which provides audiences with a unique,rare and though - provoking dance experience that invites them to connect, experience and to question.

Weaving between the work of three of Australia's most acclaimed women artists and in response to writings by Julia Kristeva, dancer Tess de Quincey invites you into a feminine space, an environment where body and word coexist. This is a raw and edgy layering where resonances of women's culture and female sensibility are assembled in a crosscultural, interdisciplinary synthesis. This collaboration brings together breathtaking and provocative poet Amanda Stewart with the intense, monumentality of digital sequencer Debra Petrovitch and the subversive trajectories of new media artist Francesca da Rimini. Other women contributors bring elements from Turkish, Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Arabic, French, Chilean and Balinese female forms. Visual and sonic poetry is interwoven with a choreography that is based in a synthesis of Eastern and Western dance traditions. This is a decentering which touches the flesh of everyday speech. The artists invoke a powerful and subtle negotiation of a potential infinity - the place of the infinite’s emerging and of enigmatic substance determined by presence, absence and erasure.

NERVE 9 is a one-hour production. It premiered at Performance Space, Sydney in May 2001 and was presented in Melbourne and Adelaide in February 2002 and in Paris in November 2002 as part of ‘Novembre Australien’, a festival of Australian dance-performance produced by Le Biennale nationale de danse. In 2005 a 6-city tour as a part of the Mobile States touring of contemporary performance around Australia took the piece to Perth, Hobart, Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Darwin.


Visual & Sonic Poetry: Amanda Stewart
Audio Visual Sequencing: Debra Petrovitch
Text: Francesca da Rimini
Dance: Tess de Quincey
Design & Image Editing: Russell Emerson
Lighting & Digital Design: Richard Manner

TESS DE QUINCEY is a choreographer and dancer who has worked extensively in Europe, Japan and Australia as a performer, teacher and director. Based in Japan from 1985 until 1991, she was a dancer with Min Tanaka and his Mai-Juku Performance Co for 6 years which has provided the strongest influence on her performance work - based in the BODY WEATHER philosophy and methodology www.bodyweather.net founded by Min and his company.

Her solo work has toured extensively in Europe and Australia whilst DE QUINCEY CO www.DeQuinceyCo.net presents a repertoire of interdisciplinary dance-performance productions and interactive environments. She has initiated a longterm exchange entitled embrace betweeen Indian and Australian artists and is director of the TRIPLE ALICE Forum & Laboratories which brings together cross-cultural interdisciplinary practices of artists, scientists and thinkers in relation to the Central Desert of Australia - www.triplealice.net.

“Such exquisite refinement that not a moment in its 56-minute length was superfluous or wasted.” - Deborah Jones, The Australian

“An engrossing, ever-changing sequence of moods in dance, visuals and sound.” - Jill Sykes, Sydney Morning Herald

“De Quincey and her collaborators have created an epitaph for our time.” - Vicki Fairfax, The Age

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