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Talking Picture and Shadowman

Year: 1981-2009, 23 mins
Code: TI-Talking
ISBN: 9784-901181-41-9

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In this collection of videos, Talking Picture (The Structure of Film Viewing) and Shadowman (The Structure of Seeing and Hearing), Takahiko Iimura presents a series of mind-twisting videos, meditating on the experience of watching film/video, and of seeing and being seen.

Prodded by a succession of riddles, the videos are lined with humor…, Iimura touches on a range of significant philosophical questions about linguistics and the nature of representation itself. While watching these videos one is likely to entertain comparisons to Plato's Allegory of the Cave, Ren Magritte's "This is not a pipe," and the analytic tradition of semiotics. Iimura also draws some tantalizing parallels between some of these Western philosophical inquiries with Asian concepts of representation; for instance, in Shadowman, Iimura observes that the Japanese word for film, eiga, literally means "reflected picture," the kanji character (映画) coming from the Chinese literally means "electric shadow picture," pointing back to Plato's Cave." - Aaron Michael Kerner , San Francisco State University

2 films, b/w & color

"I made six short films during a decade of 1962 through 1971, the first 10 years of my filmmaking though the order in the DVD goes backward from 1971 to 1962. Besides this collection I have already published another collection of the films made in the 1960 "60s Experiments" consisted of four films during 1962-64. The films of this new collection have not shown much during past decades and myself re-discovered lately these ones as a sort of "film poem." "Film poem" is a term used in the 1960 for experimental film to explain as a metaphor burrowing from literature field. It means non-narrative and short form mostly even though some experimental film are narrative and in longer form. Also it often means lyrical as well though it does not necessarily mean that. In this collection it stars from lyrical "The Pacific Ocean"(1971) and ends up not lyrical, "DADA62" but descriptive yet more metaphorical at the same time. Between them there are varied sense of poem." - Takahiko iimura

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