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Suzuki Discovery

The Frank Suzuki Actor Knowhow Package

Year: 2017, 240 mins
Code: OF-SilBeyondPt2

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Suzuki Discovery contains the latest version of Ozfrank's Suzuki training program: Beyond the Stomp, as well as the previous version Discovery in a Silver Room.

Why Beyond the Stomp? The Stomp is the iconic Suzuki Method of Actor Training tool, and is often misunderstood because of its extreme physical and psychic demands. But there is much more to Suzuki-based actor training.

The Nobbs Suzuki Praxis is a contemporary variant of the original Suzuki Actor Training Method, with extra exercises that make it a valuable part of Western actors' training.

The Nobbs Suzuki Praxis was primarily created by John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll. John is the Australian representative on the International Suzuki Symposium and Jacqui is the director of Ozfrank Theatre Matrix - seminal, subliminal, seldom seen, from South Brisbane, Australia.

This is the only commercially available version of Suzuki-based actor training.

This Suzuki Discovery package is a 2-disc kit comprising two 2-hour DVDs showing the range of exercises, accompanied by two comprehensive PDF manuals: The Beyond The Stomp manual, and A Starter's Guide To Suzuki Method Actor Training.




The central mission of Frank Theatre is the creation of theatre which combines Australian form and content with Asian sensibilities and integrity of purpose to produce a Japan/Australian fusion theatre. The company will achieve this through the presentation of new interpretations of Australian and world stories which challenge orthodox theatrical practice through the use of a range of techniques including movement, dance, text, foreign language, music and multi-media.
The theatre's aim is to establish international 'world best practice' within the theatre arts in Australia and to be noted and applauded globally through Frank Theatre unique productions which reveal the actors' distinctive and special skills. Integral to the vision of the company's work is the development of the core ensemble members through the continuing exploration of the physically demanding and complex philosophical principles contained in the long term study of the Suzuki Actor Training Method.
Authors:John Nobbs and Jacqui Carroll

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