Suzon Fuks #1 - screener

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Suzon Fuks #1

Year: 2008, 43 mins
Code: IG-Suz1
ISBN: 978-1-921882-67-8

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This experimental collection spanning more than 20 years, highlights Fuks’ interest in the moving image, using light to reveal movement. Texturally layered, her imagery draws parallels and connections, analogies between the abstract and the mundane.

- york news (5:38 min) 1985. The imprint of a city such as New York on an individual.
85 Major Award S8
Brussels Film Festival

86-87 Caracas, Melbourne & Berlin (RFA) S8 Festivals
- myth...s (
10:04 min) 1986, shortened version. Hypnotic juggling with light
nominated for Young Belgian Painting Competition
- poubelles (
2:32 min) 1985. Unused super8 footage layered with a performance for the camera, edited in a 2-hour live event
- de visu (24:55 min) 1991. During the Golf war.  In a world of images, what does "vision" mean for some Quebecer artists?  French with English subtitles

IGNEOUS is a Brisbane-based multimedia and performance company founded by Suzon Fuks, multimedia artist, director and photographer, and James Cunningham, choreographer and performer. They are also founding members of the international cyberformance group ActiveLayers. Together they create stage shows, performance-installations, video-dance works and online performances, presenting work in Australia, Europe (Belgium, France, Switzerland, Germany, Poland), UK, and India. They facilitate workshops, master classes and labs on the integration of visual media and the performing arts, have been artists in residence at the University of Sydney, Brisbane Powerhouse, Dravidia Gallery and Shivashakti Kalarikshetram in Kochi, India (through Asialink), Dance4 Nottingham, and University of Brighton, and were awarded a fellowship at the Australian Choreographic Centre in Canberra.

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