Sunshine City - screener

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Sunshine City

Year: 1973, 118 mins
Code: AT-Sunshine
ISBN: 978-1-922007-56-8

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The National Film and Sound Archive of Australia call this avant-garde film "a structured diary film which investigates the process of living in Sydney, which uses a repeating light modulation to intensify experiences of light, heat, colour". It allows an intimate look of how Albie Thoms experienced his hometown.

Thoms himself said of the film "in Marinetti I adopted the Futurist notion of minimalisation of plot and characterisation, while employing blank verse voice-over narration as part of a sound montage. I later developed this notion of narrative through sound montage in post-UBU filmsSunshine City and Palm Beach."

Sunshine City features interviews with influential members of the Yellow House scene and other significant characters of the era, including Mick Glasheen, Martin Sharp, Aggy Read, Brett Whiteley and Germaine Greer. These interviews, like the entirety of the film, are shot in an innovative and unconventional manner, shooting single continous takes and ending when the film in the camera runs out.


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