Strings of Peace: The World of Puppets - screener

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Strings of Peace: The World of Puppets

Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop

Year: 1992, 46 mins
Code: KDRP-String
ISBN: 978-1-921882-32-6

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By Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop, featuring puppets and puppeteers from Sweden, Denmark, Thailand, England, Pakistan, Italy, Belgium, Korea, Poland, France, Switzerland and India, the video offers a "cultural feast", a rare experience not to be missed.

The video is an extraordinary documentary of the first Pakistan International Puppet Festival organized by Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop in the historic city of Lahore. The festival served as a cultural meeting point for Eastern and Western Puppeteers and puppet companies and provided with a showcase of all kinds, forms and styles of puppetry from traditional to modern and to experimental approaches.This first Festival in 1992 was dedicated to Peace Around the World.

Launched in Lahore the 1970s, the Rafi Peer Theatre Workshop is a non- governmental body dedicated tothe promotion of the performing arts globally. Since its inception it has grown to encompass the Rafi Peer Cultural Centre (which houses The Museum of Puppetry and an Arts and Crafts Village and a café/ meeting space); it has promoted over 60 festivals including the World Performing Arts Festival; The International Folk Puppet Festival; The Youth Performing Arts Festival; The International Mystic Music Sufi Festival; The International Film Festival and the Saanjh Amritsar Lahore Peace Festival; developed creative educational programmes for Pakistani children and now also includes an artist’s management company, complete production studio & post production facility for video, animation & music.

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