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Soundings: Performance Texts, 1987

Year: 2019, 63 mins
Code: GW-Soundings

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Soundings was a February 1987 performance of original new works for voice by Jack Cheslyn, Derek Kreckler, Amanda Stewart and Allan Vizents. The event was staged at The Performance Space in Redfern, Sydney, Australia. This video of the entire program is an important document of a particular genre of original performance poetry being explored at the time, and a rare visual record of Allan Vizents performing his own pieces for voice before his untimely death shortly after this project.

The artists present significant experimental departures from the style of reading typical of traditional poetry and fiction recitation. Their texts range from poetic and deconstructive to explorations of the tropes of theatre, while their performative delivery spans from darkly comedic to political anger, introspection and ambiguity.

In Soundings the objective voice is devalued in favour of a concentrated exploratory use of aural aspects of speech and individuated vocal gesture in delivery of the spoken text to the listening other.

The video was produced and directed by fellow artist Gary Warner at the invitation of the Soundings performers.

With Jack Cheslyn, Derek Kreckler, Amanda Stewart and Allan Vizents

Videography, editing, direction 1987 and remastering 2019: Gary Warner

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