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Year: 2010, 76 mins
Code: KF-Soul
ISBN: 978-1-921882-59-3

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The performance is the outcome of joint work by blind, partially sighted, physically handicapped and unhindered dancers. It is an artistic inquiry and research in disability and art without being emotionally caught in pity or sympathy. It is a powerful performance which shows the infinite possibilities that arise from the limitations and freedom of the human body and spirit.

Soul Dance,
the Documentary
Director, Yvette Bozsik, dancers of her company, Ildikó Bóta, art and movement therapist, dancers of her company, and other Hungarian artists talk about their abilities and disabilities

Camera: Marcell Rév, Editor: Mária Czeilik HSE
Director, Producer: Marcell Iványi

Yvette Bozsik Company, Kraats Film Production
Choreographer, Director: Yvette Bozsik,  Music: Philippe Heretier, José María Cano
Set: Tamás Vati, Lights: József PetÅ‘, Assistant, Professional consultant: Ildikó Bóta, Co-director, Creative Producer: Marcell Iványi

"In the course of the rehearsals, the choreography developed out of the specialties
and abilities of the actors, as well as the situations and improvisations created
during the rehearsals. I had often thought about the aesthetics of the disabled body
and how it could be expressive on an artistic level and now I'm going through it
again. My aim is to raise the human body to a level above the differences between
them, and present the humorous and grotesque side of this as well." 
Yvette Bozsik

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