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Sophie Maslow Dance: Poem

Year: 1965, 28 mins
Code: CAT-Sop

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A modern dance based on Lawrence Ferlinghetti's poem, "Autobiography", choreographed by Sophie Maslow to music by Duke Ellington.
Participants are Morrie Pierce (reading poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti), Sophie Maslow (choreographer), Herbert Lovell (drummer), Julie Arenal, William Dugan, Stanley Berke, Haruki Fujimoto, Carol Fried (dancers).

In conversation Maslow emphasizes how her choreography is particularly concerned with the modern American dance idiom. She discusses the roots of contemporary dance and introduces her dance, in four movements.

The setting is a cafe called Mike's Coffeehouse in time present. "Poem" is interwoven with group dancing, one duet and three solos, "the making of one American young man and poet.

Charles "Cholly" Atkins was an American dancer and vaudeville performer, who later became noted as the house choreographer for the various artists on the Motown label.

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