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Solar Energy : Developing Countries

Solar Energy: Myth or Reality? (Part 1)

Year: 2011, 51 mins
Code: FC-Solar1

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First developed in the 1950s by NASA for space exploration, solar energy was never really considered as a reliable source of energy for widespread use because of its high cost and limited output. But today, thanks to major cost reductions, advance in technology, and rise in oil prices, solar power has become a serious energy option for the future. But how can we apply it to our modern world in the most sensible way?

From the Southwestern United States to Northern France, supporters of renewable energy tell us how they have become “solar pioneers.” In 2008, actor Larry Hagman built one of the largest domestic solar farms in the world, powering his very large estate and even selling his surplus production to the local utility plant. Meanwhile, actor Ed Begley, Jr. made his home more energy efficient by adding solar energy to power not only his home, but even his car. Even cities in less sunny areas are not to be ruled out for solar energy. We visit the very first solar power plant in Northern France and meet more supporters of renewable energy who benefit from it daily.

Technology is evolving very quickly. Today, labs are creating solar technology so advanced that it will soon be included in glass panels and building materials. The push towards solar power is happening everywhere, backed by federal and state incentive plans. Moreover, there is a growing community out there who want to change how people think about solar power and demonstrate how it could improve our lives…


"Solar Energy: Myth or Reality? - Part 2 - Africa"

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