Seraikella Chhau, The Masked Dance of India - screener

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Seraikella Chhau, The Masked Dance of India

Michigan State

Length: 38 mins
Code: MS-Sera

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The Chhau dance of Searikela is a traditional dance from with classical base. The Chhau dance of Seraikela is a highly specialized masked dance having a rich cultural heritage. Kedar Nath Sahoo, Director of the State Government Training Centre and Chief Exponent of Seraikella Chhau, performs excerpts from choreographed pieces. Interspersed are demonstrations of many of the basic movement patterns adapted from the martial arts tradition of the region. He performs exercises, dances the gaits appropriate to birds, and does movements which depict the daily chores of housewives. The tape begins with a short introduction to the art illustrated with photographs and is highlighted by Mr. Sahoo's masked performance of the peacock dance. 

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