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IN NEGOTIATION - Sarah Jane Pell - Walking with Water

Year: 2006, 54 mins
Code: SP-Walk

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‘Walking with Water’ features live art works confronting and exploring human performance limits and behaviours in underwater environments. These high risk performances are complimented by alteristic land-based works that allude to varying states of ‘immersion’ and conditions of ‘saturation’.


Sarah Jane Pell directs a unique interdisciplinary performance research practice under the name of ARTi Aquabatics Research Team initiative. As a contemporary performer and commercial diver, Pell is pioneering a fluid research practice intersecting performance, diving technologies and underwater psycho-biotech interfaces. Pell has performed and exhibited across Australia, and in Asia, Scandinavia, UK, and Europe. She has also participated in festivals such as the Biennale of Electronic Arts Perth, ISEA04 International Symposium of Electronic Arts, The Baltic, Multimedia Asia Pacific and the National Review of Live Art, Glasgow. She submitted a PhD 2005 proposing ‘Aquabatics as new works of live art’.

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