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Ryszard Cieslak: The Body Speaks

Year: 1975, 55 mins
Code: CAT-Rysz

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Ryszard Cieslak, the leading actor in Jerzy Grotowski's "Polish Laboratory Theater", demonstrates body exercises used by the avant garde company. Cieslak also discusses his approach with theater critic Margaret Croyden.  The exercises - derived from hatha yoga - are meant to train isolation of different body parts and muscle groups, to achieve maximum control over the body as an instrument of communication, and for the sake of going beyond ones personal limitations. This also permits, in Cieslak's words, "your body to take over, and you will feel thru your body."  The suggested goal is integration of head, heart and center of instinct through a combination of control and relaxation. This two-part series consists mostly of older, black and white film showing a much younger Cieslak working with two students.

In the late 1960s, Ryszard CieĊ›lak was invited by Jerzy Grotowski to the Opole Theater of 13 Rows and became a member of the theater's acting team on October 1, 1961.

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